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NETTA is a uniquely gifted singer, songwriter and actress with a special vocal tone that ranges from high and sweet to deep, warm and raspy. Born and raised between Berkeley and Oakland California, Netta first fell in love with music at a young age when her mother, despite their modest means, always found a way to nurture Netta’s early interest in the Arts. Her mother would take Netta and her sisters to local shows and events, which further inspired Netta’s love for music, and unlocked her passion for performing arts. As a child, Netta realized the power of music. She realized that it was a form of expression and how music could say powerful things about the human condition that sometimes, people could not.  At the tender age of 6, she started rapping and writing poetry as a way to translate her feelings and to help her get through the difficult times growing up. Netta’s father suffered from alcoholism after returning from Vietnam and unfortunately passed away when she was just 11 years old. Music became her outlet, and also the major connection between Netta and her grandmother who was also heavily involved in music and a locally known Jazz pianist. Unfortunately her grandmother was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia after losing her hearing but still remained very close to Netta and supported her music career very deeply. It obviously brought on more trying times for Netta as a young girl but has also motivated her to one day be an advocate for mental health.  Inspired by artists/actresses like Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson and Madonna, Netta was determined to take music seriously as a performing artist. "When Mary J Blige came out, she gave me the courage to simply be me. When I would watch her on tv, or listen to her music, I saw myself.”  Netta fought long and hard to prove herself in her hometown all while attending college. She consistently performed on local shows and put out independent mixtapes. Soon after, tragedy struck and her sister was murdered in Oakland ca. This was a shocking and terrible blow to her and her family. But rather than allowing it to cripple her, or to fall into the same pitfalls faced by her peers, Netta took the strength provided by God and her family and vowed to turn the negatives into positives. She was determined to show the youth of her community that you can turn tragedy to triumph. Netta has made a personal commitment to youth across the world, urging them to make their voices heard, even if it shakes.Netta got her first big break when she participated in Oakland Native and Def Jam President, Shakir Stewart’s talent search "The Def Jam Mega Star Search.” After performing she was selected as the winner of the contest and began working with Shakir and his staff to find her place in the industry. Just when things started to make sense, the project was placed on an indefinite hold as a result of Shakir's untimely death and Netta was forced to take her career back to the drawing board. Soon after, Netta was signed to El Seven/Atlantic and released her EP entitled "580" a project that is heavily inspired by the confusions of Love, overcoming struggles and finding happiness. This project told the truths about life and love and how it made her who she is today. 2020 marks a new chapter in the life of Netta. She is ready to give new music that reflects her experiences, flaws, triumphs etc. Netta has a strong need to feel connected to her fans. She is a true believer of beating the odds and views herself as a rose that grew from concrete. She wants her fans to feel every bit of her. “I want to connect to people’s hearts. Once I'm able to give my fans what artists like Janet Jackson gave me. I will then have arrived.’